Just How To Block An Internet Site On Chrome?

Just How To Block An Internet Site On Chrome?

For parental settings as well as other purposes, it really is a necessity to block websites that are certain. But there is however no in-built function that enables you to block certain internet sites on Chrome.

Nevertheless, you are able by the addition of internet site blocker extensions to your on line web web browser. In the beginning, you must specify the URL associated with the web internet sites you need to ban and restart your web browser.

In this guide, I’ve explained just how to block a web page on Chrome. So, learn the methods and avoid the users from entering sites that are unwanted.

How Exactly To Block A Web Page On Chrome?

Before blocking any web site for the users, you need to add extensions to your web web browser.

Step-By-Step Procedure

  • Open ‘Chrome’
  • Click on ‘Menu’ key or three synchronous dots towards the top corner that is right
  • Choose ‘More tools’
  • Head to ‘Extensions’

In the Extension page, you need to scroll straight straight down till the finish.

  • Choose ‘Get more extensions’

It’ll cause you to a new web page.

  • Type ‘block site’ into the search field
  • Press ‘Enter’

It shall start a listing of extensions in the display.

  • Select ‘Block Site – Website Blocker for Chrome’ or just about any expansion
  • Click ‘ADD TO CHROME’

This dialog can be seen by you field regarding the display screen.

It may need a seconds that are few mins in order to complete the method. When done, it may need one to the site that is official display a note.

To block sites on Chrome, you must follow these directions and then make it done.

Simple Tips To Ban A Web Page On Chrome By Block Web Site?

As you have actually added the expansion to your web browser, it really is now required to add web sites you intend to ban or block from visiting.

Step-By-Step Procedure

  • Select ‘Block site’ icon at the very top right corner associated with web browser
  • Head to ‘Options’

It will start a full page regarding the browser display.

  • Type the name of this web site close to ‘SITE LIST’
  • For instance- https://www.google.com
  • Click on ‘ADD SITE’

You get an error message whenever you visit the same if you have blocked a site successfully.

Therefore, you need to unblock it before visiting (if needed).

To remove it from the blocking list, you need to click the switch highlighted in ‘Orange’ color. Or otherwise, click on the ‘Delete’ icon below to get rid of it through the list completely.

And then, verify it by simply clicking ‘OK’. You will get a message ‘Your setting has been saved’.


Aside from this add-on, you can find wide range of extensions contained in the Bing shop. With the addition of any one of these, you can easily block web web site on Chrome.

Hope this information has fixed your question about how to block a typical page on Chrome!

A Few Of The Popular Web Web Site Blocking Extensions For Bing Chrome Include-

  • Web Web Site Blocker
  • Web Nanny
  • Web Site Blocker
  • StayFocusd
  • Online Blocker

So, select your blocker according to your preferences and experience a brand new means of browsing. There might be a positive change in settings to include web sites you could easily do it.

Main Point Here:

These details on how to block a web page on chrome will certainly assist you in having a control that is parental web internet sites as well as other purposes.

With your family and friends if you found this helpful, you can share it. For almost any question associated with parental control, drop a note regarding the box that is below.

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